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  • 慧宣
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    Tolerate for a time calm, quit a step as boundless as the sea and sky.

    from understand know the characters rise, this' two sentence's words all the time deep fall printing at mind. At all as boundless as the sea and sky is what? Yang tou gaze at be full of clouds de sky, so endless have not margin, look endless, this exactly as boundless as the sea and sky?

    look for heart's interrogative answer's time, I earnest pay attention to rise vast sky; it not forever bright sun high shine, forever azure have not cloud, it too will have dark cloud man bu de time, even the thunder and lightning occurs simultaneously, what gale roar's cloudburst; certainly too not so's extremity, same too have just hang several piece oves white clouds de time.

    but, a go night, I just impressively be frightened sense, be different from daytime that's freaky sky, it at all change so's bottomless; Shen certain black, even if will pave man stars, also can not disturb its meditation, in night sky, I can not find end on earth where, or say, on earth have have no dead-end existence. Though have no find answer, but I seem furthur understanding sky.

    Tilled a month front de night … …

    that positive value elect front de hot belligerence, very small a Taiwan, 2,300 millions of peoples, already thorough tear aparted become two half, anybody all had to select side stand, not green that be blue, love Taiwan? Love Republic of china? All problem all nothing but two option, have no people, have no matter have right in the middle.

    again field, I look up gaze at sky … … "sky, you are extensive blue give back extensive green? "I quietly question go. Assume sth. as a matter of course's Erh, have no voice answer me, but it but as facial look to I answer, it still is so steady, still boundless have not margin, because his root not belong to any one side, should is say, we all belong to it! Not?

    2007-01-17 19:40:21 補充:

    tolerate for a time calm, quit a step as boundless as the sea and sky, forefathers beg de, not be exactly hope, generation after generation of descendants all can unite he le, then like always accompany with our sky?

    2007-01-17 19:40:38 補充:

    We always emotion all intrust body of on at it, cry de time, it under this' rain accompany with us; but clear open sky's time, too is at with our mirth;

    2007-01-17 19:40:43 補充:

    but we all forget, sky to ours, actually is selfless wide the earth contain with have no end, not dispart your my unite! Only is its so endless de aim!

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