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    Candied Gourd

    Candied gourd is one of the most famous Taiwanese desserts. It also called “Sugarcoated Tomatoes on Stick”; however, it is not always made by tomatoes. Just like its name, candied gourd looks like a calabash or gourd because the small fruits are arranged in order on a stick. It always made by fruits which have certain size such as tomatoes, strawberries, haws, etc. Besides, candied gourds always look beautiful and attractive, because the red sugar coat makes them sparkling and glittering.

    The recipe for making candied gourd is easy and suitable for both children and adults. First of all, string up four or five fruit on a stick. By the way, most people would use the same fruits, but you could put whatever you want on it. Then, put the fruit stick into a hot pot of sugar. The heat makes the sugar become liquid and soft, so it could easily attach on the fruit. Moreover, vendors sometimes put some red pigment in the sugar and make it prettier. That’s why the candied gourd sold on street are always red and shining. Finally, after taking out from the heated sugar, normal temperature would cool the liquid sugar on fruits and make it solid. That is so-called candied gourd.

    Not simply does it have a beautiful look but also candied gourd has a special mouthfeel while biting the crisp sugar coat and the soft fruits at the same time. Therefore, it is not only kids but also many adults that would like to buy candied gourds when they see that they are standing in a line and sparkling under a light.



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    Surgar-Coating Calabash

    Sugar-coating calabash is kind of candy that kids and adults enjoys. Why is called sugar-coating calabash maybe because the shape looks like a calabash. It is normally fruits like strawberry or pears that is coated with carmel. The fruits being coated when carmel is heated and soft, and it become hard after being cool down.

    Why is it so enjoyed by many? because with a not so hard coating, you can bite into it, and makes the taste a bit different for the fruit, so you will get the taste of both carmel and also the fruit itself.

    I like it too because it is taste good, and also not expensive.

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