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[一] 以兩個約的意義來分:



[二] 以聖經篇章來分:





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    (1) According to the significance of the two testaments:

    The Old Testament -- The former pact between God and the Jews through Abraham, establishing the relationship between God and His chosen ones.

    The New Testament -- The latter testament is a new pact between God and man through Jesus Christ's birth and redemption. All man (not just the Jews) can be redeemed through the blood of Christ, return to Him, and establish a close relationship with Him.

    (2) According to Biblical books and chapters:

    The Old Testament -- 39 books total, 12 recording Jewish history, 5 books of law, 5 books of songs, and 17 books of prophecies.

    The New Testament -- 27 books total, 4 books of Gospel recording Jesus' life, 1 book of church history, and 22 books of the Disciples.

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    [一] Divides by two approximately significances

    Old testament--Formerly approximately, is the god penetrates the agreement which Abraham and the Jew decides, establishes the god and voter's relations.

    New Testament--Behind is approximately affiliation Jesus's being born with is redeeming, the god and the human set up New Testament, wants the common people (is not only then Israeli) all may the affiliation Jesus Christ's valuable blood make reparations, the return and the god gather, with god establishment intimate relations:

    [二] Divides by the Holy Bible chapter:

    Old testament--Altogether has 39 volumes,

    records the Israeli nationality history 12 volumes, the law model calligraphy five volumes, the poetry book five volumes, the prophet prophecy 17 volumes

    New Testament--Altogether has 27 volumes,

    records Jesus's Gospels four volumes, a church history book volume, the apostle books 22 volumes

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