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知識管理 教育訓練


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    Title: The potential use of knowledge management for training: A review and directions for future research

    Author(s): Joseph R. Muscatello

    Journal: Business Process Management Journal

    ISSN: 1463-7154

    Year: Jun 2003 Volume: 9 Issue: 3 Page: 382 - 394


    The powerful competitive traits of a learning organization are well documented. Companies in the future will have to provide new and innovative techniques if they hope to survive and prosper. These techniques will revolve around knowledge management. However, research on using knowledge management as a tool to increase learning is minimal. Knowledge management systems provide a new vehicle to effectively and efficiently disseminate knowledge, skill and expertise throughout an organization. Knowledge management is an outgrowth of the “information society”. Currently, research and implementation of knowledge has centered on the outside customer service and outside customer relationships. Little has been written about the use of knowledge to serve the training needs of the firm. This study combines the powerful competitive traits of a learning organization with knowledge management traits to potentially increase the positive effects of both.

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