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    The difference of the Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine is placed in in, the ordinary people think the Chinese herbal medicine will not produce to the human body more up the strong side effect, in order to compare with the western medicine that the chemistry synthesizes, reason the Chinese herbal medicine is much the chemistry material that the plant or animal contains, more natural, so the Chinese herbal medicine compare with the western medicine geniality many.

    What condition under should take a Chinese herbal medicine, when should eat western medicine, this urgency that needs to depend on personal constitution problem and disease, for example small cold or need to adjust the reason body, use a Chinese herbal medicine then, if impatient gastroenteritis, at this time again with the Chinese herbal medicine adjust reason necessarily and too late.

    Besides some persons are allergic to western medicine or bear to be subjected to a degree not good, proper adjust a reason by Chinese herbal medicine.

    However ignore is the Chinese herbal medicine or western medicine, to body all is grow burden, all must the liver counteract poison, excessive not proper,

    The ancients Yue:The medicine is a poison.

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