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Shell Scheme Specification

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The structure consists of 2.5m high back and dividing walls made from 3mm thick, plain white Foamex panels. These panels are supported by white Octanorm poles, which have a diameter of 40mm and therefore sit proud of the panel by 18mm. Itis essential that these dimensions are taken into consideration if building an interior to the shell scheme. Pleass contact tour Scheme Contractor for more exact calculations relating to a specific stand.

The walls are finished top and bottom with cross rails, which leaves a graphic area of 2.34mm(heigh)x950mm(width)

The wall panels are non-loadbearing, but lightweight display material may be attached to them with double-sided sticky tape, or by other means that do not damage the panels in any way. If damage occurs the contractor may charge the stand holder the full panel price.

A 1m square criss-cross ceiling grid will be supplied to each stand that can be used to attach light fittings. Stands that cover a large surface area may reguire internal support posts.

The height to the underside of the ceiling grid is 2.43m

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    展台的結構由2.5米高﹐ 3mm厚﹐ 白色的雪弗板(Foamex panel) 圍成背板和分隔側板。它們分別由八通柱 (octanorm poles) 支撐。 每條柱直徑40mm﹐ 所以比圍板多出 18mm. 搭建展台內部裝置時要留意這項尺碼。有關各類展台的尺碼資料﹐請聯絡展台出租商 (shell scheme contractor)。

    壁板由頂至底都有十字邊框 (cross rails) ﹐ 可展部份是 2.34m (高) x 0.95 米 (闊) (你所給的尺碼數字是否打錯了﹖﹖﹖)

    壁板不能負重﹐ 但輕的展品可以用雙面膠紙貼上﹐ 或其它不會損害壁板表面的方法。 壁板如有損毀﹐ 出租商會要求展台使用者照價賠償。

    如有需 要﹐交叉頂框 (1 米正方) 可供使用以便卦上射燈。 特大的展台可能需要另加支橕裝置。

    展台由底至頂是 2.43 米高。

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