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請問是get out of my bike還是get off

請問是get out of my bike還是get off my bike呢?




那麼下車要用get off my bike對不對?謝謝

下公車用get off the bus

下汽車用get off the car 還是 get out of the car呢?

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    若是叫別人別再騎那輛腳踏車 , 用get off the bike恰當 ;

    搭公車跟搭轎車不同,上下公車要用get on/ get off;

    較小型車輛該用get in/ get out

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  • Jeff
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    Get out和Get out of都是離開

    Get out 是比較不禮貌的說法...

    Get out of 雖然意思聽起來差不多 但比Get out 有禮貌一點點

    get out of my bike是離開我的自行車

    get off

    1.動身出發(=head out 也有出發的意思)

    ex:I'd better be getting off now.我現在該動身了

    We have to getoff early tommorrow.我們明天必須ㄧ早出發

    2.寄出(=get sth. off)

    ex I'd like to get this letter off by the first post.我想趕上第一班收信時間把這封信寄出去

    3.(使)逃脫懲罰(=get sbdy. off (sthg.)

    ex: The man went to prison but the two boys got off(with a warning) . 那個男人被關進監獄, 但那兩個男孩(只受警告)沒受處罰


    ex: I'll come downdstairs as soon as I've got the baby off(to sleep) .我哄嬰兒入睡後就下樓.


    ex: I get off at 6 o'clock.我六點下班.

    I got off early.我今天早下班.

    6.tell someone where they (can) get off/ where to get off.(非正式 教訓某人.斥責某人)

    ex:They tried to stop me going in, but I soon told them where they could get off-I've been a member of that club for years,you know


    7.get off on sthg.(俚)因...感到興奮.欣賞.喜歡

    ex :I really get off on that music 我很喜歡那音樂.

    8.get off with sbdy.(非正式) 與...發生性關係.與(異性)交好

    ex: she got off with him soon afher the party started.


    8.get off to sthg.ㄧ開始就(造成某種印象); 有...開端

    ex: His performance got off to a bad start when he couldn't remenber his first words.

    表演從一開始就不順利當他忘了第ㄧ句台詞 的時候.

    ps. sbdy=somebody, sthg= something

  • C L
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    get out of my bike 還是 get off my bike? -----

    get out of ...... : (給我)滾出........

    get off ..... : (給我)滾下去

    所以,現在一般的腳踏車就用 "get off my bike",哪天有包廂式腳踏車,那就大可使用 "get out of my bike"

  • 1 0 年前

    out of 要有空間性才行

    比如說 get out of my room 滾出我房間


    比如說 get off 滾開

    所以答案是get off my bike

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