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Fur bag sent to Canada from US?

Hi, I currently asked family to send me a mink fur bag from US to Toronto by USPS. My package status stated "out for delivery" 2days ago, and a day after status changed to "Item accepted and entered into sortation plant". Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? Canada doesn't allow to import any fur bag? I called today, but representative told me to get sender to contact USPS and find out the reason. HELP me plz...

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    Your package likely was put on the wrong delivery route and when it was discovered, they put it back into the sorting to get put on the right truck.

    參考資料: Used to work for Fed Ex and the same thing happens there
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    you package was received at the Canada custom postal sorting station for package arriving from the us postal services it take up to 4 day to be process then the package will go to Canada post for delivery also if it is mink fur and it was declare they will be no problem unless the fur as not been declared at value then they will have to go pick up at Canada custom because you must declared the value unless it a gift

    i work for Canada custom and revenus services postal inspection in Toronto

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    You are corect that canada does not allow import of furs of any kind. To do so you have to have special permission.

    The shipper should have known that if he was told it was a fur.

    If the package was not marked and was not listed as a fur bag then it probably was confiscated by the canadians.

    I wuld bet there ends up that you do not have a fur bag and are left holding the bag as they say.

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    Re. "You are corect that canada does not allow import of furs of any kind" -- oh, rubbish.

    It's only fur from endangered species that's a problem.


    It's being, well, sorted, routed on to you, at the 'sortation plant.' Nothing to worry about.

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    I deal with UPS all the time. Your package should be with you soon if it is in the sortation plant. Your family should have a tracking number which you can use on-line to show you exactly where you package is.

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    Get a postal money order for US money out of your community positioned up workplace depot (I.e.purchasers, Rexall, everywhere your community positioned up workplace is). it will fee $4.ninety 9 yet they're going to be waiting to get the money whilst they money it at their community positioned up workplace ideal away.

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    They should have declared it as "fake fur"

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    I have no clue whats goin on.