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辣妹 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前



no doubt

for sure

give up

get down

get on with

cross one's fingers

except for

as well as

come across

turn into

put to use

in the case of

keep from

not at all

all day long

give birth to

up to

let go of

die of

on the other hand

instead of


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  • 1 0 年前
    最佳解答 doubt=of course

    No doubt, it takes time to study English.

    2.for sure=of course

    English, for sure, is not easy to study.

    3.give up=stop

    If you give up easily, you will never learn English well!

    4.get down=duck

    When an earthquake hit Taiwan again, remember to get down first and hide yourself under a table.

    5.get on with=get along

    Do you know Mary? Do you get on with her?

    6.cross one's fingers

    Mary sat there crossing her fingers.

    7.except for

    I really like this dress except for its price. well as=and

    I have a cat as well as a dog.

    9.come across=meet

    What will you do if you come across this kind of problem?

    10.turn into

    If you meet any question, go ask the teacher immediately. Or it will turn into a big trouble!

    11.put to use

    Time is money, so you must put it to use. the case of

    Learning English takes time in the case of how hardworking you are.

    13.keep from=stop…from…

    The jade can keep you from bad luck.

    14.not at all=totally

    Mary does not like English at all.

    15.all day long

    Mary has been cleaning her room all day long.

    16.give birth to=have a baby

    Mary gave birth to her baby three days ago.

    17.up to

    It is up to you whether you want to get married or not.

    18.let go of=release

    Let go of my hands! I feel uncomfortable!

    19.die of

    Please give me a hamburger. I am dying of hunger.

    20.on the other hand=besides

    When you go shopping, it is necessary to bring your own bag. On the other hand, it will help protect our earth.

    21.instead of

    Mary went to Taipei instead of Taichung.

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  • 布丁
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    1 0 年前

    1.No doubt I will succeed in the end.

    2.No one knows for sure what happened to Bill.

    3.Don't give up.

    4.The continual wet weather is getting me down.

    5.He's sure to get on with her in the world.

    6.The composition is quite good except for the spelling.

    7.Tom as well as John.

    8.I came across an old friend yesterday.

    9.The kid will turn into a man.

    10.We shall put it to good use.

    11."Thank you for your help." "Not at all."

    12.He stays in the library all day long.

    13.She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

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