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請幫我找3~5分鐘ㄉ英文朗讀文章~急需 因為要ㄑ比賽ㄌ

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    Dogs-Our Faithful Companions

    Most dog owners feel that their dogs are their best friends. Almost everyone likes dogs because they try hard to please their owners. One of my favorite stories is about a dog that wanted his owner to please him.

    One of my friends has a large German shepherd named Jack. These dogs are often very intelligent. Every Sunday afternoon, my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much.

    One Sunday afternoon, a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time, and he talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for his walk, but the visitor didn’t leave. Jack became very worried about his walk in the park. He walked around the room several times and then sat down directly in front of the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention. He continued talking. Finally, Jack couldn’t stand it any longer. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again in front of the visitor, but this time he held the man’s hat in his mouth.

    2007-01-28 17:20:02 補充:

    German shepherds aren’t the only intelligent dogs. Another intelligent dog is a Seeing Eye dog. This is a special dog that helps blind people walk along the streets and do many other things.

    2007-01-28 17:20:11 補充:

    We call these dogs Seeing Eye dogs because they are the “eye” of the blind people and they help them to “see”. Seeing Eye dogs generally go to special schools for several years to learn to help blind people.

    2007-01-28 17:20:37 補充:

    One day, a Seeing Eye dog and a blind man got on a bus together. The bus was full of people and there were no seats. One man, however, soon got up and left his seat. The dog took the blind man to the seat, but there was very little space.

    2007-01-28 17:21:02 補充:

    The dog began to push the people on each side of the seat with his nose. He pushed and pushed until the people moved down, and finally there was enough space for two people. The blind man then sat down and the dog got up on the seat beside him.

    2007-01-28 17:21:14 補充:

    He lay down and put his head on the blind man’s leg. He was very comfortable and soon fell asleep. Everyone on the bus had to smile at the intelligence of the dog in making space for the blind man and, at the same time, making a place for himself.

    參考資料: 提醒您請勿棄置問題哦
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    The Timid Rabbit

    In a forest lived a timid rabbit. She was afraid of the idea‘Some day the earth would break into two pieces, and thus all the animals would fall into the crack in the ground.’

    One day, while the timid rabbit was walking by a palm tree, she heard a bang, so that she thought the earth did break. She yelled as she ran forward. A deer head her and asked, “ What’s up? ” The rabbit stopped to answer the deer, “ Don’t you know the earth just broke unto two pieces? If you don’t run, you would fall into the crack.” The deer felt frightened. He followed the rabbit.

    Before long the rabbit was followed by the fox, the monkey, the squirrel, the wolf, and so on. All of them heard what the rabbit said and decided to join in. They ran and ran until the lion, the king of animals, stopped them and asked, “ Where are you going? ” nobody could answer the question exactly except to wait for the rabbit’s explanation. The lion asked the rabbit to show him the place where the ground had broken. All of the animals came to the palm tree. They didn’t see any crack but only a coconut on the ground.

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    可不可以直接給我你的E-mail ,因為我是直接打在word,在複製上來的,內容有的被添加符號,或有的符號變的怪怪的,我直接寄給你 你會看的比較清楚. OK?

    參考資料: 自己小學朗讀文章
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