If I put wrong shipping address?

I asked family to send me a package from minnesota. I haven't heard anything since then..I am wondering if they put the wrong address, what should I do? I called up USPS, I got told, they have no info for my package. So anyone has ideas if shipping address is wrong how should I fix it? thx


I think the address is correct. But it is 3 wks after family sent this package to me. I am desperate right now...that package cost me $3000+ ( it is a bag and 2 pair of shoes). Does it normally take this long? Who can help me? Thank you for your advice!!

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    You need to find out from your family what address they sent it to, when it was mailed , was it sent parcel post or priority , was it sent with insurance or delivery confirmation?

    When you get that information, we and the USPS might be better able to help you.

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    i did just this once ,... but it was TCS or was its OCS but i got it traced, then got it delieved to the right address... with charges!