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My name is jin lung. There are six people in my family. My father's absorbed attitude that I worship and let me know to need word hard in the future. I am graduate from Hsuan Chuang University. I can know some basic professional knowledge and let it review in the army. Within this period of time, I get four certificates and not to squander time. In the future I will get more certificates, let one's own knowledge closer to the speciality. The attitude of refusing to take defeat lying down to oneself, let me be invest in the job place further too.

Because of living expenses, lead to the fact that needs working as a temporary laborer in one university grade. The experience lets me know with service and speciality that the field needs, treat guest's due attitude. Always accomplish best for guests' demand and let oneself temper much more patient in this aspect too.

I hope to apply the thing of study to the work in the future, let other trust me and people can rest assured. During future time as to oneself, I will spend time increasing the speciality that I lack, and I’ll go abroad to find out the development situation of the external world.

以下是簡略中文,怕英文看了也看不懂 可以用中文幫我翻一下 謝謝大大



希望大大在麻煩幫忙翻譯一下,下面這一些 真的感謝大恩囉 ︿︿


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    My name is, my family has six people, my father's earnest manner also

    causes to let me understand the future will need the diligently work.

    I am the university graduation, studies some basic specialized

    knowledge, and is becoming a soldier this period of time not to

    waste, also lets oneself obtain four cards to illuminate, future will

    be able diligently to obtain more cards to illuminate, good will let

    oneself approach the specialized knowledge. Does not concede the

    manner also will let me invest on the future duty field.

    At great time, because the living expenses relations need to go work,

    such experience lets me understand the service and the specialty and

    treat the manner which the visitor should have. In the future I hoped

    The person as soon as starts always to be able a little timid, after

    but once is familiar, I thought I can act boldly regardless of one's

    safety am own ideal advance, hopes for me an opportunity, also lets me

    for a your mental effort, also thank you to spend a time to read my

    personal history, for own future future, earnestly will hit spells

    should be correct.

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    My name is Lung, Jin. I have six family members living with me. Since I was little, I worship my father's working hard attitude and he lets me know that I need to word hard in the future. I graduated from Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan. I know some basic professional knowledge (什麼專業知識 要著名一下). Also when I was in the military, I didn’t waste my time. I have had managed to get four different certificates. In the future, I will keep studying to get more certificates to prove that I am going to became one of the most important specialist technicians. This attitude of refusing to accept any mistakes will push me to learn any new knowledge in my future career.

    The first year of my university life, due to my family not wealth incoming, I had to take several part time jobs to pay my tuition. However, due to these experiences, I have had learned the importance of serving customers and having specialize knowledge. In the end, each customer and careers’ partners trust my service and working attitude.

    I hope to apply the thing of study to the work in the future, let other trust me and people can rest assured. (完全猜不出來這前半句的意思 建議直接省略) In my future career, I will keep trying to learn new technology and I will travel around the world to see the developments.

    不是最好 但至少說的通

    有少許錯誤 但問題不大

    我想你也不希望 超流利的英文自傳



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