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我們有收到你的信,想跟你說,2月17日是新年,奶奶和叔叔會給你紅包,之後在一起匯錢給你,可以嗎? 英鎊很貴,寄給你的錢有限,你自己要精打細算,學費要存起來,不可以動用. 我們都很想念你.


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    Dear sister

    We've got the letter you mailed. We want you to know that you'll get big red envelopes on February 17th as the New Year gift. However, the your money will be wired after we gather them all together. British pound now is high, you need to scrimp and save to pay for your education. We miss you so much.

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    scrimpt and safe 是省吃儉用的意思 叫人不能用錢 那幹麻還要寄去啊

    2007-02-01 23:06:07 補充:

    匯錢 叫做 wire money

    2007-02-01 23:09:13 補充:

    Pound 是英鎊 而pond 是池塘 樓上的 你留學流到哪裡去了

    2007-02-01 23:11:53 補充:

    the/your money 自己選一個 the money 或 your money 都可以

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    We've got your email. I want to inform you the Chinese New Year starts from Feb. 17th. Grandmother and uncle will give you red envelopes and I will remit for you together afterward. Is that ok? As you know, it is hard for us to send you pounds. Maybe it's not enough for you, but please be strict to your life and save the school fee. We all miss you so much.

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    Hey! dear, we've got the letter from you. By the way, the Chinese New

    Year is on February seventeenth. You are going to receive the lucky

    money from grandmom and uncle. Is it O.K to send you all this money

    afterward. The pound becomes more expensive and valuable so you

    may not get too much of it. You got to make the most of your money and save it for your tuition. Don't spend the money. We all miss you so


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    hi, 我幫你稍微修改了一下, 所以中英對照如下, 你參考看看, 並祝你新年快樂, :)


    我們有收到你的email,想跟你說,2月17日是新年,奶奶和叔叔會給你紅包,之後在一起匯錢給你,可以嗎? 英鎊很貴, 你自己要精打細算,學費要存起來,不要浪費. 我們都很想念你. 你要好好照顧妳自已, 祝妳新年快樂.

    We got your email. 17th February is the Chinese New Year. Grandmather & uncle will give you the red envelope, and we will remit the money to you, is it ok for you? The Pond is very expensive, please calculate carefully and budget strictly. Please keep the tuition in your pocket, don't waste that. We all miss you so much, you take care of yourself and happy new year.

    參考資料: study abroad
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    We have letter which receive you, want to tell you , February 17 is New Year, the grandmother and uncle will give you covert payment, later remit the money to you together, OK? Pound sterling is very expensive, the money which returns it to you is limited, you should calculate carefully and budget strictly by oneself, the tuition fee should be depositted, can not put to use . All of us miss you very much.

    Above it is we talk about what has been wanted not telling him.. Please big help our family translate.. Indebted forever.. @@


    參考資料: 自己
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    We have receive your letter, wants with you to say,2 months 17th is

    the new year, paternal grandmother and uncle can give you the red

    package, Together is collecting into the money afterwards to you, may? Pound very expensive, sends is limited for yours money, you must plan carefully,the school expense must save, may not use We all very much think of you.

    參考資料: yahoo翻譯
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