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美國大學 C 練習題 Part1

過幾天要考期末了,老師跟本沒給這50題練習題的答案,請各位高手幫幫忙, 因為題目會類似.

Cisc 192 Practice questions

1. A pointer is a variable which contains

a. signed float data

b. signed integer data

c. unsigned float data

d. unsigned integer data

e. signed character data

2. T/F. Data inside a class may be hidden from access

by functions outside the class body.

3. Assuming that spread[] is a one-dimensional

array of type int, which of the following

refers to the value of the third element in the array?

a. *(spread+2) b. *(spread+4)

c. spread+4 d. spread+2

4. T/F. A reference variable may be made to point to several

different objects at different times during the run of the


5. T/F. One of the reasons for using classes

is that code may be more easily re-used

instead of re-written.

6. T/F. Polymorphism consistes of having several

methods or functions with the same name

and different argument lists.

7. Which option stores a 0 in int variable ch,

assuming the address of ch has been assigned to

the pointer fingerch?

a. *fingerch = 0 ;

b. int *fingerch = 0 ;

c. *finger = 0 ;

d. &ch = 0 ;

e. *ch = 0 ;

8. T/F. Code for member functions in a class

can be written outside the class' braces with only

their prototypes inside the class declaration.

9. T/F. A union allows several different types of

variable to share the same memory.

10. T/F. It is possible to successfully write a

function yet not know how many parameters will be

passed to it by the calling routine.



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    1. d

    2. T

    3. a

    4. T,但你老師有教嗎?它是在較複雜的 OO 技巧才可以,不然是F。

    5. T

    6. T

    7. c

    8. F (不確定)

    9. T

    10 T 但你老師有教嗎?它是在較複雜的 C 裡。

    2007-02-02 09:12:14 補充:

    10 就像 printf( ) 一樣,它的參數個數未知。

    2007-02-03 08:49:45 補充:


    11. 是 T, 007 是 8 進位的7 剛好和 10進位 7 同。

     struct 可以那樣給初值。

     若改成 017,初值會是 15,而不是 17。

     因為是 8 進位!

    13. 小綿羊是對的,但說明會讓人誤會。

     switch 執行效率高於 〝連續大量的〞if。

    14. MOST often,只好選 b 了。


     因用了 most ,答案只能是單數!

    20. 也是題目出得不好!!