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The businessman uses three cell phones of different brands. One is Nokia, _____ is Motorola and

the third is Samsung.

(A)another(B)one(C)other(D)the other

正確答案是 (B)one

我可以問一下在此場合中為什麼要使用 one 而不是 another 呢?



因為以前都是背「one is...,another is....,and the other is .....」的公式,所以才一時間選another

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  • C L
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    問題:one、another這些代名詞的問題 ---


    1.The Body Broken: Answering God's Call to Love One Another by Robert Benson

    Excerpt - page 9: "... At one corner is scripture, at another corner is experience . In a third corner is reason, and in ..."

    2.Henry VI, Part One (Oxford World's Classics) by William Shakespeare

    Excerpt - page 101: "... are disputing of your generals.

    One would have ling'ring wars with little cost;

    Another would fly swift, but wanteth wings;

    A third thinks, without expense at all, ..."

    3.Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America by Will Roscoe

    Excerpt - page 72: "... One is the mother about to give birth to the alyha:, another is to be her midwife. To the third, Mastamho says, "You are the ..."

    所以,比較正統說法應該是"one...; another...; a (the) third...".

    2007-02-05 19:59:09 補充:

    恰巧正在閱讀美國廿世紀初小說家F. Scott Fitzgerald 所寫的知名小說"Tender is The Night"中,在第八章(Penguin Popular Classics版本的第41頁),看到也有相同用法:

    One was the telephone girl....; another was the making of .......; a third was a consequent intensification....

  • George
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    One… the other (兩個之中的另一個)

    One… another (兩個以上其中的另一個)

    這裡是三個的情況,提到兩個時是One… another

    而提到三個則以 One… one… and the third 為合理

    2007-02-04 17:13:37 補充:


    上面顯示的 …

    應該是三個句點 (.)

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    I have three cars; one is a Mercedes, another is a Porsche, and the other (第三輛也是最後一輛) is a BMW.(引用Adam大大的例句)


    1. I have three sisters. One is a nurse, another (is) a teacher, and the other (is) a housewife.(引用Kevin大大的例句)


    2007-02-05 22:36:54 補充:


    我想"one...; another...; a (the) third...



    參考資料: 若有誤還請指正
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    One more; an additional: had another cup of coffee.

    Distinctly different from the first: took another route to town.

    Some other: put it off to another day.



    Being a single entity, unit, object, or living being.

    Characterized by unity; undivided: They spoke with one voice.

    Of the same kind or quality: two animals of one species.

    Forming a single entity of two or more components: three chemicals combining into one solution.

    Being a single member or element of a group, category, or kind: I'm just one player on the team.

    Being a single thing in contrast with or relation to another or others of its kind: One day is just like the next.

    Occurring or existing as something indefinite, as in time or position: He will come one day.

    Occurring or existing as something particular but unspecified, as in time past: late one evening.

    Informal. Used as an intensive: That is one fine dog.

    Being the only individual of a specified or implied kind: the one person I could marry; the one horse that can win this race.

    所以三個時, 使用one, 而樓上的大大或許在解釋上有些需要更正, 因為僅有兩個時, 另一個才會使用the other

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    只有二個的時候才用 another, 這題有三個, 所以用 one.