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    How are you, I am a XXX, I am 25 years old, wasing born in in Year 70 of the Republic of China a X month a X day, my home has six persons altogether, I live since the childhood at with happy and careful family, my father is a police, the mother is a houseperson, still having 2 elder brothers and a younger brother besides, the parents teach since the childhood strictly, the kid in the house studies to seek job process also all the way favoring, the eldest brother goes to work in the Lang Xun currently, two elder brothers give or get an electric shock in the Lian, the younger brother attains in the English industry, is life normal and work and rest regulation of family.

    I am in spite of common to get along with friend, or the group activity of the school, I often play the role of the leader or coadjutant.I like the industry that can contact the person, I to oneself's interested in work always a brains puts into with concentration, once deciding to participate any business will certainly participate actively.From experience attending school period work, I also find a work environment very big to my influence.So I will pay attention to the environment of the work particularly in choosing a work, letting the oneself be able to have the interest devotion work more.

    I feel the advantage of oneself's character is the process that likes and enjoys a learning, also is because of such character to make me always can acquire on the work many happy.My expecting to be in the future on the work can one exhibition is long just, also expecting in future can have achievement on the professional realm, and have contribution to the company and the work.

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