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英文自傳翻譯~拜託幫幫我 (很急!)


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    英文自傳翻譯~拜託幫幫我 (很急!)

    I miss sightsee department, because from childhood then very like tour, at travel in I can learn go many things, too can appreciate some good personnels thing, these all will is make I xiang for de, so just can miss sightsee department just accomplish my dream, but I want while ciceroni, can everywhere go play go tour, future I certain very try hard accomplish my aim de, but I too believe I certain can become excellent ciceroni, because I real very ardently love sightsee this' department department!

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    I think of the sightseeing department, liking to travel very much since the childhood, I can learn to a lot of things in the tour, can also appreciate some fine personnel things, all of these make me look forward to, so then would think of sightseeing department to just carry out my dream, and I want to be a guide, can play to travel everywhere, in the future I certainly very work hard carry out my target of, but I also believe I can certainly become an excellent guide, because I really have a passion for to make sight-seeing trip this department very much!

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