deestylistic one life one love

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    Deestylistic - One Life One Love

    Baby, this is what I have for you

    My love of my life...

    [girl] 1life 1love...


    Yo, looking back at my life as I sit at my desk

    I would*ve never imagined myself to be so blessed

    With an angel from heaven, a gift from God

    Someone I could love forever

    Beyond and beside

    You*re the first thing I think of when the sun shines bright

    And the last thing I think of when I sleep at night

    You and me princess what a perfect team

    And I won't hesitate to call you the girl of my dream

    Cause when I need you, you*re just a phone call away

    And your beautiful smile washes all my worries away

    When I*m not with you I miss you, oh so much

    And how much you soothe my soul with a simple touch

    You will never know just how much you mean to me

    But I got the rest of my life just to help you see

    I only got one life, I can never have two

    But as long as I*m alive, I wanna spend it with you

    [girl] 1life 1love...


    When I have you in my arms and I close my eyes

    I wouldn*t care if the whole world just pass me by

    Cause I live to make you happy, just to see you smile

    Just to make you giggle, I love your style

    Those late afternoons together when the sun just sets

    To those early morning talks, girl you are the best

    I*m so amazed at your sight, I ask questions too

    Like how could a guy like me, deserve a girl like you

    I feel so blessed but at the same time so unworthy

    I trust you with my heart I know you won't hurt me

    Everything about you is perfect, I love your lips

    I love your smile, I cherish every hug and kiss

    And I can't wait for tonight when I can hold you tight

    Next to me by my side, with you as my wife

    You*re my hope when I*m helpless, when its dark you*re the light

    I gave you all that I had, and that is my love of my life

    [girl] 1life1love...


    Every night that I pray, I thank the Lord for you

    You*re so rare, sweet, cute, and loving too

    I*m so privileged, just to call you boo

    I would drop anything just to spend a second with you

    I*ll be right here with you even if times get rough

    2007-02-06 13:57:56 補充:

    Cause to me always you*re the definition of love

    You won the key to my heart, only you can get in

    Looking in your eyes they*re like the shining stars in heaven

    I would do anything for you cause girl you*re so worth it

    Looks are great but the personality so perfect

    2007-02-06 13:58:22 補充:

    You*re my perfect match, my soul mate, my best friend

    You*re my infinity, on a scale of 1-10

    I mean every word that I say, just look in my eyes

    The love that we share was never made to die

    I just wanna make you happy, maybe that*s my goal

    2007-02-06 13:58:40 補充:

    I*ll forever love you with all my heart and soul


    [girl] 1life1love...


    [girl] 1life1love...


    [girl] 1life1love...