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大隻佬 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1. 搖機確認:


2. 開機檢查:

左手拿機台, 右手用操作筆將下方電源開關撥向右邊, 確認H/W開關不會太緊或斷裂現象,能正常開機,無當機、黑屏不良。圖一框中的紅條為開機時Loading中,需要幾秒鐘。

3. 測試 SD卡槽


4. 校正屏幕:

開啟GPS 後,點擊LCD出現"+"字符,此時依次點擊 5個"+"號后進入矯正屏幕保存畫面。確認可以正常進入操作系統,LCD無色偏、亮點及顯示不良等。

5. Power button喚醒測試:

在LCD正常顯示的狀態下,按住左側邊的Power Button兩秒鐘,觀察屏幕應能關機(在完全黑屏狀態,此時用操作筆點擊LCD屏幕,應不可以喚醒機台)。接著再按一次Power button應能開啟

6. 測試按鍵

6.1 測試聲音 按左右鍵,聽是否有聲音出來

6.2 測試 返回 Menu 的 按鍵

6.3 測試 Zoon in , Zoon out key 是否正常

7. USB cable+DC Adaptor與Devices搭配測試:(與電腦同步連接) 

DC adaptor能對 devices進行充電,並且右下角的LED在充電狀態下指示燈持續亮橙色燈.

USB cable接到電腦時,電腦顯示Connecting,同時有一綠球轉動,稍后綠球停止,確認電腦和 devices顯示Connected,表示電腦與 devices已聯機。否則為不良品。

8. 測試是否能用Car charge 充電

連接 car charge cable 看是否能正常充電 GPS 收訊

到空曠的地方測試 GPS是否能收到訊號 .


確認天線插頭與 GPS的後蓋上的天線接口良好




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  • 1 0 年前

    1. swinging machine confirmations that, Takes the outward appearance

    to examine radio station of the OK, confirmed in the radio station keeps other sundry goods with nothing left.

    2. opening machine inspections: The left hand will take the radio station, the right hand with operates the pen underneath the power switch to dial to right side, confirmed the H/W switch will not be able too to be tight or the break phenomenon, , the black screen is not good. In a chart frame

    red strip for opens in machine-hour Loading, needs several seconds.

    3. tests SD card trough SD the card insertion radio station SD card trough, this time has "clip clop a" sound, expressed already detected the SD


    4. adjusts the screen: After opens GPS, clicks on LCD to appear "+ the"

    character, after this time in turn clicks on 5 "+" to enter rectifies the screen preservation picture. the luminescent spot and the demonstration is not good and so on.

    5. Power button awakens the test: Left side under the LCD normal demonstration condition, , observes the screen to probably to be able closing machine.

    6. tests the pressed key 6.1 tests sounds according to the about key,Zoon out key is whether normal

    7. USB cable + DC Adaptor and Devices match the test: DC adaptor can carry on the charge to devices, and right under angle LED the indicating lamp continues the bright orange color light under the charge condition When USB cable receives the computer, indicates the computer and devices already on-line. Otherwise is not good.

    8. tests whether can use Car the charge charge to connect car charge cable to look whether can normally charge

    9. Tests GPS to test GPS to the spacious place whether can receive the signal.

    10. Outside meets the antenna test confirmation antenna plug and on the GPS top plate antenna connection good confirmed the GPS test result sets at the result with in which the antenna tests to be same

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  • shjan
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    1 0 年前

    7. The USB cable+the DC Adaptor and Devices match a test:(link with computer synchronously)

    The DC adaptor can carry on refreshing to the devices, and right descend the LED of the corn an indicator to keep on a bright and orange light while refreshing the appearance.

    When the USB cable received a computer, the computer showed Connecting, have a green ball to turn to move in the meantime, slightly behind green ball stop, confirm the computer and devices to show Connected, indicating the computer and devices was the Lian machine already.It otherwise is inferior goods.

    8. Whether test can refresh with the Car charge or not

    Linking the car charge cable sees whether can refresh normally

    station bad etc..

    9.Test a GPS reception

    Go to open spaces place to test whether GPS can receive a signal or not.

    10.Circumscribe an antenna test

    Confirm the antenna plug and GPS of behind cover of the antenna pick up a people good

    Confirm the GPS test result with inside place the result of the antenna test similar


    參考資料: 之前貼不完~繼續
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