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台灣新力國際股份有限公司 (Sony Taiwan Limited) 為日本 Sony 公司於 2000 年 4 月在台成立之分公司,做為 Sony 企業在台的統籌營運中心,並負責對台灣高科技產業推廣 Sony 旗下各事業部最尖端的專業技術,協助台灣達成綠色矽島美夢。台灣新力國際股份有限公司擁有應用零組件行銷總部、能源事業總部、記錄媒體及能源行銷部、化學及相關產品行銷部、廣播電視專業設備行銷部、亞洲區生產設備行銷部、台灣技術中心、創新 LSI 及 Module 設計研發中心、以及消費性電子產品行銷總部等事業單位。

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    Sony international Limited Company of Taiwan is the branch company that Japan Sony Company established in Taiwan in April of 2000, make it for the pool Operation Centre in the platform of Sony enterprise, and is responsible for popularizing Sony most advanced professional technique of every Division under command to the Hi-Tech industry of Taiwan, help Taiwan to reach the green fond dream of silicon island. Taiwanese Sony international Limited Company uses the marketing general headquarters of the spare part, energy undertaking general headquarters, write down the media and energy marketing department, chemistry and relevant products marketing department, professional equipment marketing department of the broadcast and television, production equipment marketing department of Asia district, such public institutions as technique center of Taiwan , innovative LSI and Module design the research and development centre , and consuming marketing general headquarters of electronic product.


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