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How to use Mac ibook?

1. How to download MP3 on the net into my ibook? And how to copy DVD/VCD into a new CD-ROM?

2. Why other people(PC or NB with Microsoft) cannot open files which i created in ibook Mac Office OS?

3. How much does it cost to buy a wireless network? Can anyone suggest a reasonable one for me? Thanks a lot.

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    1. MP3 download: any mp3 files you find on the Internet, you can download. Perhpas you are asking where to search for mp3 files? If so, there are a few apps you can try: aMule, Acquisition, Acqlite, Cabos, xFactor, etc.

    Burn DVD/VCD: Toast Titaium (commercial), Burn (Free), Disco

    (comercial), etc. If the DVD is copy protected, then you can't copy unless you find a program that breaks the copy protection.

    You can search for these apps in

    2. This one I don't know. The files I created with Office Mac version work fine.

    3. Best to buy AirPort card from Apple. More expensive, but less hassle. If you go for third party ones, then it will be USB based. It would stick out from your notebook when it's being used. There are many out there, and some are compatible with Mac. I heard 3Com has some, and Asus has some. There may be more. Best to bring your laptop to try.

    Good luck

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    What John said is a possibility. However, when saving under Word, you should see that the extension is already appeneded. So, unless you removed it on purpose or had "Append file extension" un-checked, files should have saved with the "doc" extension already.

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    For question No. 2, Because Mac OS does not use file extensions(ex. xxx.doc, xxx.xls, etc.) like in DOS or Windows, you have to use SAVE AS... and under file type select Windows verion OFFICE document as the format to save. Try this and see if it would work.

    參考資料: An iMac user
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