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random assignment/ sampling

What's the difference between random assignment and random sampling???


What's the point of doing it???

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    In terms of Statistics,

    random assignment is an experimental technique for assigning subjects to different treatments (or no treatment). The thinking behind random assignment is that by randomizing treatment assignment, then the group attributes for the different treatments will be roughly equivalent and therefore any effect observed between treatment groups can be linked to the treatment effect and is not a characteristic of the individuals in the group.

    In random sampling, also known as probability sampling, every combination of items from the frame, or stratum, has a known probability of occurring, but these probabilities are not necessarily equal. With any form of sampling there is a risk that the sample may not adequately represent the population but with random sampling there is a large body of statistical theory which quantifies the risk and thus enables an appropriate sample size to be chosen.

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    It depends on context.

    random assignment 就是隨機任務,分派.

    random sampling 就是隨機採樣,抽樣


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