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20點!! 英文 造問句


work , play , get up , eat , go , study , watch , listen to



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    WORK-What work did you do for the past frew minutes?

    PLAY-What games do you play on the PC?

    GET UP- What kind of person wouldn't get up after they triped?

    EAT- What food did you eat for your breakfast?

    GO- What mall did you go on the spring break?

    STUDY- What did you study for the test?

    WATCH- What kind of watch is that?

    LISTEN TO- What kind of music do you listen to the most time?


    WORK-When do you go to work everyday?

    PLAY-When did you play the game?

    GET UP- When did you get up from the bed this morning?

    EAT-When do you usually eat for dinner?

    GO-When did you go to a mall without me?

    STUDY-When did you study for your test?

    WATCH-When did you buy the watch?

    LISTEN TO-When did you listen to the hip-hop music?


    WORK- Where do you work at?

    PLAY-Where do you guys play basketball at?

    GET UP-Where did you get up?

    EAT-Where did you eat yesterday when i was doing something else?

    GO- Where did you go with your friends?

    STUDY-Where do you study your test?

    WATCH- Where did you buy the watch?

    LISTEN TO- Where did you listen to the rumor of the teacher?

    雖然這幾句照句 沒有很生澳 但希望有幫助到你~

    參考資料: 我的腦袋瓜子~
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    Where do you work?

    What are you playing?

    When do you get up?

    What are you eating?

    Where do you go?

    Where do you study?

    What are watching?

    What are you listen to?

    參考資料: ME
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    Work - When does your new work begin?

    Play - When can you go out play with us?

    Get up - When did you get up this morning ?

    Eat - Where are you going to eat?

    Go - Where will you go ?

    Study - What time will you start to study?

    Watch - What do you watch at?

    Listen to - What are you listening to?

    參考資料: myself
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    What do you like playing?

    When do you go to school?

    Where is the watch?

    參考資料: 自己
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    work:where do you work?

    play:when do you piay basketball?

    get up:what time do you get up?

    eat:where do yo eat lunch?

    go:where do you go?

    study:where do you study English?

    watch:when do you watch TV?

    listen to:what do you listen to?


    參考資料: 自己想的
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    1. What do you play everyday?

    2. When did you get up this morning?

    3. Where did you go yesterday?

    參考資料: 我~
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