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    The Ming and Qing Dynasties time Gaoxiong port locus Ming Dynasty

    later period originally is a fishing village, is clear at the

    beginning of has become the high screen area commodity collection main

    center, the original name beats a dog the port. During the clear salty

    good harvest year (in 1858) according to the Chinese and British

    Tianjin treaty, the Gaoxiong port opened the mouth to trade together,

    in 1863 established the customs Gaoxiong pass.

    In Qing Dynasty's, beats a dog the port originally is south is only

    inferior to the peaceful port second big port, but because afterwards

    the peaceful port harbor silted up seriously, caused then steamship

    all with difficulty to enter, beats a dog the port thereupon to

    displace. Along with the foreign trade gradually development, beats a

    dog nearby the port to produce many new settlements, after Gaoxiong at

    present many geographic name like flags the village, the salty 埕

    Guangdong village, the sentry post bow, water chestnut young Laos,

    three places such as the places then is this time starts to gain fame

    and fortune.

    The date governs time Japan for to strengthen the Hong Kong freight

    transportation function, launched after 1900 plans many times develops

    constructs. In 1939 the volume of goods handled greatly rose to 320

    ten thousand tons, achieved Japan according to Gaoxiong's high point.

    After Republic of China time in 1945 the national government came a

    receive, officially had been established "the Gaoxiong port bureau" in

    October the responsible Hong Kong service, the beginning restored the

    Hong Kong normal transport business to 1955.

    After 1959, the Gaoxiong port launched 12 years extension plan and so

    on many measures. Sets up as an attachment the Gaoxiong processing

    outlet area, front the town fishing port, near the sea industrial

    district, all along makes the spare-time university steel mill, the

    Chinese shipyard, as well as first, two, three, four cabinets center

    and so on.

    2007-02-14 19:14:34 補充:

    The Gaoxiong port once for a long time was situated the world sea

    freight transportation third big port, was only inferior to Hong Kong

    and Singapore. Recently because receives in the region other harbors,

    2007-02-14 19:15:03 補充:

    including traditional big port Hong Kong, Pusan as well as the

    emerging harbor Shenzhen salt field, on the Haiyang, the Zhejiang

    Ningbo, competition challenge the Shandong Qingdao, the Hong Kong

    turnover slightly has glides down.

    2007-02-14 19:15:24 補充:

    At present the Gaoxiong port

    freight transportation volume of goods handled occupies entire 2/3.

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