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    There was an architect named Mike,who wanted to be successful.He had a beautiful wife named Danna,and two children-Ben and Samantha.Because he put all his mind on his work,so he had only a little time to get along with his family,and he also hope to associate with his boss.One day, Mike went mad because of not finding the TV remote control,he ran to an electronic shop,wanted to find an electronic which could control everything. As a result,the clerk took him to the garage,and gave him a remote which has only a few buttons that could change his life.For example,it could control the bark of his familys dog,and his noisy wife,it can directly go forward!Also to skip some details,such as taking a shower,eating,lovemaking,arguing,hellipping and so on.He could even see the past of himself.Unthoughyly,the remote decided to go forward instead of him,but he could do nothing,Mike finally know that he missed a lot of wonderful things.At last,he realize that the relationship between family members are much more important than anything,the time with family members could not be shorten.He learns to be thankful and to hug with his life.

    參考資料: 我是通過全民英檢中級的國中生
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    ‘cause he put all mental and physical efforts on the work, so there is little time that he and family get along, he also hopes his superior lets him form a partnership.

    One day Michal can not find the TV remote controller, go to the articles shop of home, want to look for the remote controller that an any electric apparatus can be controlled.

    Result have pieces of shop assistant is it take him to warehouse to withdraw, find him so long as one press several button can change remote controller of life.

     For example: Can control the size of cry of bark ' Xiao Huang ', and noisy wife, can rotate quickly directly!

     Still can jump over a lot of trival matters, like: take a bath, have a meal, make love, quarrel ….etc.

    And can make him see oneself in the past.

    I had never expected, when the remote controller is it turn soon directly to determine for him later on, also brought it and had no way, M ichal just know he miss a lot of nice thing, he finally realize the relative's importance more than to everything , the time with family can not lack, he begins to learn gratefully and embracing his life.

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    這是第一段的 ~

    One of who want to be successful architect Michal, he have pieces of beautiful wife Donna , and two childrens , Ben & Samesa.