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I still can’t remember how to

I still can’t remember how to spell seven words, they are excellent, except, excited, exciting, excuse, expensive and experience. I don’t know why?

May you give me a good idea to remember them please?

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    The first thing is to know the correct pronuciation, and sound it out while you write the word. if you know the exact sound of the word there shouldnt be a problem writting them..of course you will have to watch out for some irregular words which does not follow this patteren . e.g knife.

    if you still have diffculty with it. the best way is to memorize them.

    read the word out loud to yourself and spell it out .

    excellent e x c e l l e n t and keep repeating it until you think you have got it

    that's what i do anyway .

    hope it can help you in some way

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    you can think it is a easy word


    the bigging is ex

    and the ending is cellent cept cited citing cuse sive and perience

    i think this a good idea to remember them