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Charlie and the chocolate factory

A writer: Roald Dahl, (1916~1990) was born in Wale of Norwegian parents. Although he passed away in 1990, his popularity continues to increase as his fantastic novels, including Fames and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Charlie and the chocolate factory, delight an ever-growing legion of fans.

An outline: The whole of this family-the six grownups (count them) and little Charlie Bucket-live together in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. Mr. Bucket was the only person in the family with a job. One day, Charlie found and pick up the fifty dollar on the snow ground. He desperately wanted something more filling and satisfying than cabbage and cabbage soup. The one thing he longed for more than anything else was…CHOCOLATE.






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    Charlie Bucket and his family are very poor. The only treat that Charlie receives is a single chocolate bar for his birthday each year. This year is special because Willy Wonka, the owner of the largest chocolate factory in the world, hid five golden tickets inside the chocolate bars. The five lucky children who find the tickets will be invited to be his guests at his factory for the day and receive enough chocolate to last a lifetime. With luck on his side, Charlie finds a golden ticket inside a bar of chocolate. The five lucky children encounter many adventures with Willy Wonka inside the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka has many tricks up his sleeve and a special surprise for the child that remains at the end of the day.


    I never really thought how cool it would be to enter a chocolate factory until I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it was just a couple of rotten, metal, rusty machines and some work men wearing hair nets. But when I read this book it was like a whole new world inside this factory with a bunch of cheerful little Oompa Loompa’s with bright green hair. The machines really aren’t, in the book they are giant water falls with chocolate streaming out of them into a little lake of chocolate surrounded by candy trees and whip-cream mushrooms and big candy balls. This factory brought me into a whole different world of candy making.

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    I like the characters a lot in this book. They were very original, but my favorite character was the main character Charlie. I think it was very neat how he found his golden ticket. He found a dollar in a gutter in the ground

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    and bolted to the Candy Store. He bought two Candy Bars and one of them had the golden ticket. He is one of my favorite characters because he was always a nice and gentle boy unlike the other people who found the golden

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    ticket. The other characters were snobby and always got what they wanted. But Charlie on the other hand would sit there patiently listening to what Mr.Wonka said.

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    My favorite place in the book was the factory. I thought it was very cool. I liked how different he would make chocolate. I liked how he got to different parts of his factory, sometimes he would take a boat and other

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    times he would take an elevator that would go up, down, diagnal and spins and turns.

    My favorite part of the book was when Charlie was the only person left

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    because all the others had had something happen to them. When Charlie was the last one Mr.Wonka yelled out in excitement. Mr.Wonka’s trophy to Charlie was that he could press any button in the elevator and Chrlie

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    chose up and out. The elevator when rite through the roof. When they were over the city they stoped at Charlie’s house and got his parents and grandparents. When all of his family was in the elevator Mr.Wonka told

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    Charlie that he could have the factory.

    Roald Dahl is with out a doubt my favorite author. I like how he makes up marvelous things that you can’t even think of.

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