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出外旅遊 心得 中文翻英文 10


我想把我這次的心得 寫成英文


 現在要麻煩大家幫我翻譯以下這些心得 謝謝!


以上這些!  請各位幫忙翻譯  謝謝  

PS。 網路上的直接翻譯 就不用了︿︿ 我要的是有規則的英文  謝謝!

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    Wow! Its a beatiful and sunny morning, and we have already planned to go flower show. I am so excited that I can not wait for any longer. I was invited for the trip, so my friend gave me a lift to the show with magnificent flowers. After a short drive we have arrived the show and it was so crowded. It made me even more excited when I saw many children looking at the flowers curiously. I felt refreshed when I smell the natural fragrance from dozens of flowers. I took lots of photographs of my self so I can share the wonderful day with everyone.

    參考資料: Myself
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  • 1 0 年前

    Ha! Today is the glorious weather morning, also is I is going to leave

    the gate to look Huahai the day, early in the morning, the innermost

    feelings filled the anticipation the gate. Because is not my inviting,

    therefore my place schoolmate's leaves for the sea the beautiful

    flowers vehicle to Huahai; Crossed the period of time, the vehicle has

    finally opened me most to be filled with the anticipation Huahai, the

    that side person are very many, I saw very many children to fill the

    novel face hole, I also unable to restrain excitedly. Smells the

    flower to flutter the fragrance, sees at present the innumerable

    flowers, the innermost feelings to fill the incomparable joy and the

    novelty. I have patted many own picture, wants to share together with

    everybody, I completed this to pick varied one day! .

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