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    Little prince's dialogue innocent but rich in profound meaning, let us recover the pure dream in childhood, do not have false friendship sincerely, wake the most valuable true feelings easiest to neglect in the life up. But the little prince is always a very simple rose which defends it, feel his happiness is simple well! But ' simple ' to be very remote to us?

    參考資料: me
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    Princekin childish but richly contains profound meaning de dialog, let we look for come back childhood naive dream, plain have not false de friendship, arouse the preciousest but the easiest cover ignore de genuine feeling in life. But princekin always very pure guard its rose, feel his happy is good simple! But "briefness "towards we whether or not good far away?

    參考資料: 我的翻譯機
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  • The young prince naive actually richly contains the profound meaning

    the dialogue, lets us retrieve the childhood pure dream, the simple

    not false friendship, awakens in the life to be most precious

    actually easily the true feelings which neglects. However the young

    prince always very pure protection its rose, was feeling his happiness

    is good simple! But "simple" is not good is remote regarding us?

    參考資料: .....奇摩線上翻譯...
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