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ballad of a landlord 是誰唱的?

ballad of a landlord 是誰唱的?



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    ballad of a landlord 是 Terry Hall 在 1997年 Laugh 這張專輯內的歌

    Ballad Of A Landlord

    on the day you arrived

    the bedroom curtains were drawn

    all was still

    the way you left it

    same number on the door

    easy come, easy go

    what a way to treat your soul

    though i confess

    where once hearts rested

    now there's nothing

    but a hole

    so the prodigal son returns

    i guess the pleasure's not enough

    did he promise you the earth

    a world of beauty an the bluff

    i tried to tend the garden

    until the flowers fell to weed

    so now the place lies in a ruin

    the way you lied and ruined me

    do i have the answer

    if i did i wouldn't know

    so take it if you want it

    if you don't

    then let me go

    fake leopard skin fur says it all

    you never could be real

    how i long to taste the secrets

    from your lands of phoney tears

    you tried to be a movement

    but there was no one on your side

    did you come back here to haunt me

    or take me for a ride

    take yourself away

    i've been here once before

    and i can't have you hurting me


    參考資料: me... 在 LA 的上班族 + 網路