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請問小野麗莎My Boy 的歌詞

想請問小野麗莎 在"美麗時光"專輯中"My Boy"的歌詞~~謝謝喔~

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    My Boy

    (Lisa Ono/Tom Walker)

    First time I saw my son I knew I was in love

    Because he was a gift I got from somewhere up above

    O wow, o yes, o joy, such joy, right here in my arms

    He looks at me, I can see he's showing all his charms

    Can't remember what I did before I saw his face

    But now he's here and I can feel his amazing grace

    Watching him play somehow reminds me of myself

    Once upon a different time when I was someone else

    O me, o my, I feel so high every single day

    O yes, ole, my road yea yea, watching my son play

    First time he walked it was a step into a chance

    I took his hand and then we started life's dance

    The first dance was so fine that I never will forget

    He held my hand so tightly that I haven't stopped dancing yet

    My love, my boy, my son, my joy, always keep your glow

    And know that love will be with you wherever you may go

    And if something should fall apart somewhere down the line

    Just tell me all about it and I will make it fine

    I travveled many roads before but somehow they were wrong

    And sometime we find that life is just a simple song

    Even the saddest songs have a human face

    I will always keep my son in love's magic place.

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