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Anne Frank (1929 - 1945)

The diary: From June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944



․一九四○年五月以後,好日子很少,而且相隔很久……我們的自由被一連串的反猶太命令嚴格限制:命令猶太人身上要佩一顆黃星;……猶太人禁止搭電車;……猶太人在下午三點到五點之間才能買東西;…… 這也不准,那也不准,可是日子還是過下來了。賈桂琳常常對我說:「我現在什麼事都不敢做,怕做到不准做的事情。」




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    Anne Frank (1929 - 1945)

    The diary: From June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944

    In July, 1942,13 year-old Anne and the family member for flees the Nazi reign of terror,Hides in a Dutch Amsterdam warehouse, From this time on launches more than two year of secret room lives. “My mood is frequently depressed, But always does not look. I hide us in here life regard as an interesting exploration,Fill dangerous and romantic circumstances, And difficult regards as deficiently each causes my diary richer material.”On April 5, 1944 Anne writes in the diary:“I after hoped I died, Still could continue to live.”

    Anne's diary writes about on August 1, 1944 from June 12, 1942. At first,Her this diary is writes purely for oneself. Afterwards,Holland Government in exile's member outstanding Switzerland ‧ Polk Stan announces especially from London Broadcasting station,He hoped ended after the war, Under can the collection concern the Dutch people to seize the misery life in the German arm force to witness the report,Male various populace. He specially does take the letter and the diary as the example. Anne listens to this Duan Hua,Moves for it,Therefore decided ended after the war, Must rest on her diary to publish a book. She starts hers diary to rewrite, the edition, the embellish,Obliterates her not to think the interesting part, And depends on the recollection to increase some contents. At the same time,Anne also retained the primitive diary.

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    ․In May, 1940 after,The auspicious day are very few,Moreover is separated by very long …… Our freedom is ordered by a succession of counter-Judea the strict limit: As soon as our freedom is ordered the Jew to be able to go shopping in 3 pm to five between;……

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    This does not permit, That does not permit,On the Judea person body must wear a yellow star;……The Jew forbids to ride the cable car; ……But the day crossed gets down. Jia Gui Lin said frequently to me that

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    “I any matter all do not dare to do now, Feared achieves matter which does not permit to do.”

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    ․ you want certainly to listen to me to the idea which hides lives. This,I only can say I am not very clear. I thought I never can think the home away from home in this house, But this did not express I dislike it. We look like very much in a strange apartment take vacation.

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    ․ I do not look like majority person such,Crossed for a lifetime,Finally Bai Huo. I must be useful,Or takes to all people to be joyful,Even if is the human who I did not know.

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    I hoped died after me,Still could continue to live! Therefore,I thanked God to give me extremely this talent, I use this talent to progress,And expresses my innermost feelings all.

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    ․ in current such time,Is indeed very difficult:The ideal, the dream and the precious hope also reappear in our heart,But only then by brutal reality squash. I all have not abandoned mine ideal,Also is the unusual happening,These ideals look like that absurdly,Then impractical.

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    But I was still tight was hugging them,Because of world although like this,I believed the human in the innermost feelings is actually good.

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