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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

急!  這段話幫我翻成英文 10點

這首歌 總會不知不覺的聽到 逛街時聽到 電台聽到 電視

但都沒去注意到 英文歌曲 會比中文歌曲來的耐聽

最近去注意到這首歌 是在情人節時 衣蝶百貨釋放煙火時的配樂

十分鐘的煙火表演 有了這首歌的陪襯 煙火顯的更加迷人

那天看完煙火後 腦海中這首歌就一直在迴蕩

之後就找到了這首歌 之後 就推薦給朋友聽

這首有點抒情搖滾的歌 配上吉他 而且主唱 用輕輕的方式去唱

感覺不會馬上就膩 很適合任何時候去聽 還可以放鬆呢

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    But this first song general meeting unconscious heard window-shops when hears the broadcasting station to hear

    the television not to have notes English song to be able to come compared to Chinese song to bear listens

    to note this first song was recently dubs in music ten minute smoke and fire performances in the valentine day fashionable clothing butterfly

    general merchandise release smoke and fire time to have more enchanting that day which this first song set-off smoke and fire

    revealed to look in smoke and fire back of the head this first song on continuously after reverberation

    had found this first song recommended to the friend listens to

    this a little to express feelings the rock and roll song to be joined to the guitar moreover to initiate with the gently way sings

    the feeling not to be able immediately on greasy very much to suit any time listened alsoMay relax

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