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小王子大意 中翻英...20點

一台飛機在沙漠裡墜機。 飛行員在煩惱要怎麼修理飛機的時候,來了一位金髮的小男孩。 飛行員跟這個小男孩變成了好朋友。 小男孩是從一個星球來的,他在那個星球上的任務是照顧好那個星球。 在那星球的某一天,一顆玫瑰樹長出了一朵玫瑰。 小男孩愛上了這朵玫瑰。 但是有一天小男孩知道這玫瑰說謊,就不再相信玫瑰了。 小男孩從此變的很孤獨,也想離開這個星球。 雖然男孩不再生氣玫瑰了,男孩還是去別的星球試試看把這個孤獨的感覺驅走。

男孩去的頭6個星球都看到了一些自大和供不需求的大人。 他不懂為什麼大人要指揮別人做事情,等。 他在這裡唯一學到的是『玫瑰不會永遠開放著』。 男孩又想念玫瑰了。

男孩跑到了地球。 在這裡他看到了玫瑰花園。 男孩很傷心,因為它的那朵玫瑰告訴男孩,他是唯一的! 男孩碰到了一隻狐狸。 狐狸教他只有用心才能看到生命裡最重要的東西。 也教他因為他跟玫瑰分開了一些日子,這樣會使男孩更想念玫瑰,還教他因為他喜歡那朵玫瑰,所以那一朵玫瑰在男孩的心裡是最特別的。 狐狸還說,愛就要負責!

最後男孩決定要回去玫瑰那裡,就讓毒蛇咬他。 飛行員也順利的修好他的飛機。









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    An airplane falls into in the desert. How the pilot does have to repair the airplane in the worry time, has come a Jin Fa young boy. The pilot turned the good friend with this young boy.The young boy is comes from a star, he looks after that star on that star duty. In that star some one day, a rose tree long left a rose.The boy has fallen in love with this rose. But the one day young boy to know this rose lies, no longer believed the rose. The young boy henceforth changes is very lonely, also wants to leave this star.Although the boy no longer vitality rose, the boy or has gone to other star to try to look drives out this lonely feeling.

    The boy goes the first 6 stars all saw some has been arrogant and does not supply the demand adult. Why doesn't he understand the adult to have to direct the others to handle the matter, and so on. He only learns in here is "the rose cannot forever open". The boy thought of the rose.

    The boy ran the Earth. Saw the rose garden in here him. The boy is very sad, because its that rose tells the boy, he is only! The boy has bumped into a fox. The fox teaches him only to have attentively can see in the life the most important thing.Also teaches him because he has separated some days with the rose, like this can cause the boy to think of the rose, but also teaches him because he likes that rose, therefore that rose in boy's heart is specialest.The fox added that, likes having to be responsible!

    Finally the boy decided must go back rose there, lets the poisonous snake nip him. The pilot also smooth fixes his airplane.


    Must to the person which loves be responsible!

    Must exit the experience world!

    The thought of rabidness is very dangerous!


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