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拜託大家翻譯成英文!!! about Apple Mac

如果要了解MAC我覺得先從CPU了解 !


但PC架構的INTEL CPU的執行速度頻率履創新高,浮點運算能力也愈來愈強,I/O的部份也較以往快速很多.因此事實上動畫執行的速度也不會慢,主要看您工作的需求吧!

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    If must understand MAC I think first from the CPU understanding!

    MAC use CPU is MOTOROLA, the merit is formidable in the floating point calculation, after also is the integer the decimal point operation function, therefore in needs to make the massive floating point calculation the animation or the cartography domain operation extremely is then fast, this part is in the lead PC very many.Therefore the advertisement and the plane animation media business affection uses MAC the computer

    But PC construction INTEL CPU carries out the speed frequency shoe to create new high, floating point calculation ability increasingly is also strong, the I/O part formerly was also fast very much.Therefore the animation execution speed cannot be slow in fact, mainly looked you work demand!

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