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Something I lose




My dream




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    Dear Sir,

    Something I lose

    Sad that I lost I of my wrist-watch at that time very when 6 years old as me, because that wrist-watch is the birthday gift that my father gave to me, still reward the prize that I understood time besides celebrating my birthday for the first time, so has lost this wrist-watch and made me very sad

    Recall I of the kindergarten yet and study in in order to want to have a wrist-watch no suspension to see time, and made great efforts to understand the idea of time, so I was really extraordinary happiness when I got the first wrist-watch, not only because there are wrist-watches and by that kind of fulfillment of getting the thing wanted of efforts one's own, so for losing the wrist-watch, seem to lose a certain important thing

    Because I have not only lost the wrist-watch, but let me realize how to treasure one's own important thing this time

    My dream

    My dream is a designer who becomes a computer game software, because I like playing the computer game very much, so I want to design a computer game that everybody likes, and I want to design a very unique computer

    Though I know the way have much hindrance this dream of me too perhaps, and I will try every possible means to let this dream be realized, so I must make great efforts to study the knowledge about this of the computer to improve one's own strength

    I know that everybody must have a dream , and in order to will just realize the dream no matter this dream will be hard it is good or bad it will be the goal continued going down forward by everybody, so will move towards one's own dream when you lose your goal, let's realize it!

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  • 嘉豪
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    When Something I

    lose I six year-old time I have lost my wristwatch my unusual sadness then, because that wristwatch is my daddy gives my birthday gift, besides celebrates my birthday to reward me first time to understand the time the prize, therefore lost this wristwatch to let me be extremely sad.

      Recollected also is reading the preschool I in order to want to have a wristwatch not to suspend am looking at the time, and understands the time diligently the idea, when therefore I attain the first wristwatch time I really am the unusual happiness, not only because had thing that kind of sense of achievement which the wristwatch also has closes right up against own obtains diligently oneself wants, when therefore has lost the wristwatch, probably has lost some kind of important thing.

      Because this I was not solely have lost the wristwatch, but was lets me realize how should treasure the designer who oneself important


    My dream my dream becomes a computer games software, because I liked playing the computer games very much, therefore I wanted to design the computer games which section everybody all liked, moreover I also wanted to design an extremely unique computer.

      Although I knew this road possibly also can have very many hindrance this is my dream, moreover I also can try to find solution to let this dream realization, therefore I must study related computer this aspect the knowledge to promote own diligently strength

    I to know each person certainly all has the dream, moreover in order to realize the dream only then to be able no matter this dream is diligently good or goes bad it all lets each person continues to proceed the goal, when therefore you lose your goal time that to face own dream, realizes it!


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