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WSA 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

Can anyone help??<20>

Can anyone help?

Why do people like fashion?


And also what is FASHION?

Can anyone give me sources about fashion?

I am doing a porject about fashion!!

Also can anyone give me some sorces besides FASHION SHOW??

i mean sorces like how to make a Fashion Show...

And what is important in a fashion show...


thanks a lot!!=]


wow!thanks a lot by answering me...By the thanks alot by reminding me! I will take ur comment!

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Um...ur answer really helps me a lot!But can u find any more informations about FASHON SHOWS?For instance, how to make a fashion show i mean what is important in a fashion show?what r the elements?

麻煩囉!thanks a lot!

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    I suggest you specify your topic in the question; otherwise, Yahoo! might erase your question and my answer. 請留心一下,類似這就呼救式的發問方式容易被刪除哦!以下希望對您有助益!補充的部分是超出字數的

    1) How long is a fashion show? Are there refreshments? Do they start late or are fashion designers known for their punctuality? Do fans wait outside the shows to try and get a glimpse of their favorite models/designers?

    A show can be as short as 7 minutes or as long as 20. The length really depends on how many looks are shown and the extent of the spectacle that accompanies the fashion. Sometimes designers open their shows with a brief film&mdash;say, the quasi-political montages favored by Kenneth Cole. Some houses, like Imitation of Christ, favor theatrics. Last season's show began with grating patriotic music. But while these extra bits can help round out the show&mdash;it is, after all, a show&mdash;they are more often than not annoying distractions. (Remember that it's hot in those venues, which are usually flooded with lights for video and television.)

    Fans do wait outside shows, especially in Europe, where fashion has more of a cult status than it does in New York. But fans (fashion students, mainly) are likely waiting for an editor to pass them a spare ticket so they can see the actual show rather than just waiting for a glimpse of the designer. For most fashion fans, the clothes are the real star. It is an unspoken tradition among insiders to pass an unneeded ticket to the best dressed groupie. And sometimes fans forgo the ticket altogether and sneak past the bulky guards and army of PR people to see a show. It's considered a badge of honor to sneak into the shows of cult designers like Jean Paul Gaultier.

    2) Tell us about the models. Where do the models learn to walk? Does their agency teach them? And why do they walk like that? Why can't they just walk normally? Do the models really not eat? Do they diet before the shows?

    You may have seen Jay Alexander, who works with Elite Plus in Paris, on America's Top Model.

    2007-02-28 16:59:52 補充:

    He's famous for teaching models to walk and is rumored to make quite a bundle doing so. But not every model takes walking lessons; some have a natural sense of presentation. "It depends on where the models are from," according to Andrew Weir, a New York casting director.

    2007-02-28 17:00:28 補充:

    "If they're from Brazil or South America, the walk is innate. The other girls have to watch the Brazilians for a season or two until they catch up."

    There are a few walking styles.

    2007-02-28 17:00:44 補充:

    "If you say to the girls 'Do a Versace walk,' they know what that means—a va-va-voom, shake-it-like-you-might-break-it walk," says Weir. " 'Street' means no swish. It's strong, like the way people walk down a New York street."

    2007-02-28 17:00:57 補充:

    Most shows now use a near-natural street walk, described by Weir as " 'Street' plus a little bit more." That means a pretty natural stride with no hands on hips or posing.

    2007-02-28 17:01:39 補充:

    But the walk is still slightly exaggerated: Some extra swagger makes skirts swish dramatically and gives tailored looks a bit of extra power.

    參考資料: Josh Patner—former assistant designer for Donna Karan and co-founder of the popular label Tuleh, YAHOO對於英文字數到底算的對不對啊~~補充的真累!
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