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Broadsheets V.S. Tabloids

What are the differences between broadsheets and tabloids??

Describe in English

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    You can find the answer in wikepedia.


    1. Many broadsheets measure roughly 29½ by 23½ inches (74.9 cm × 59.7 cm) per full broadsheet spread, twice the size of a standard tabloid.


    2. Broadsheets typically are also folded horizontally in half to accommodate newstand display space. The horizontal fold however does not affect the page numbers and the content remains vertical. The most important newspaper stories are placed "above the (horizontal) fold." This contrasts with tabloids which typically do not have a horizontal fold (although tabloids usually have the four page to a sheet spread format).


    3. Broadsheet newspapers are commonly perceived to be more intellectual in content than their tabloid counterparts, using their greater size to examine stories in more depth, while carrying less sensationalist and celebrity material. This distinction is most obvious on the front page: whereas tabloids tend to have a single story dominated by a headline,

    broadsheets allow two or more stories to be displayed, the most important at the top of the page - "above the fold."


    However, while ...unfinished, see Wikipedia