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    The peaceful family background --- peacefully is born to the

    orphanage, perhaps she to this kind of family background felt the

    trifle feels inferior, but also therefore has not had ancient times to

    virtuous young woman's restraint, this kind of more unrestrained life,

    enable her to have the independent thought, also therefore the female

    independently realizes strongly; Her massive reading, also because the

    living conditions does not permit, she frequently fantasized,

    imperceptibly has accomplished her greatly strengthened imagination,

    causes her after to run into Mathew, Masurium Lina the 兩老 兄妹

    love, had the rich mind. == > did not let the wealthy life cause your

    heart agilely poor, often guaranteed the pure heart, the mind is rich

    is really rich.

    Peaceful dear ones --- Mathew and Masurium Lina by no means peaceful

    family member, but they actually are not inferior to the birth parents

    to her love to child's love, their by no means husbands and wives, but

    was 兄妹 which two still "unmarried", was bound by a common destiny

    before, in peacefully came, two people lived may say was day after

    day, is deficient friendly may Chen, they wanted the boy which adopted

    to be able to help the farming, but wanted all not to think

    unexpectedly was the girl, boisterous, loved the girl which caused

    trouble, at least as soon as started Masurium Lina is thought like

    this. The green room therefore turns colored from the gray, causes

    because of the peaceful arrivalIt has filled the laughter and is happy, but An Yeh obtained the dear

    ones love, enable her personality more to tend to the integrity,

    Mathew, Masurium Lina and the green room, becomes in her life the most

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