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(1)take over 接管

(2)talk over 討論

*(3)think about 思索

(4)tink over 仔細考慮

(5)throw away, throw out 丟掉,丟出

(6)try on 試穿

(7)turn down 轉小聲

(8)turn off 關掉(機器.燈.水)

(9)turn on 打開(機器.燈.水)

(10)turn up 轉大聲

(11)turn out 逐出/熄燈

(12)use up 用盡

*(13)wait for... 等待...

*(14)wait on 伺候

(15)wake up 叫醒

(16)work out 解決/運動

(17)write down 寫下


(18)come true 成真

(19)do...a favor 幫...忙

(20)drop a line 寫封信

(21)eat out 出去吃

(22)food around 嬉戲,虛度光陰

(23)get away 逃脫

(24)get in touch with 聯絡

(25)get ready 準備好

(26)get rid of 除去

(27)get together 碰面,相聚

(28)give in 屈服

(29)give...a ring 打電話給...

(30)give...a hand 幫助...

(31)go ahead 做下去

(32)go away 離去

(33)go by 過去

(34)go for a walk (ride, swim) 去散步(兜風.游泳)

(35)go on 繼續

(36)go on a diet 節食

(38)keep an eye on 看守

(39)keep in touch (with...) (與...)保持聯繫

(40)look down on 輕視

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    1. He will take over our company.


    2. I think we should talk over over again before making any decision.


    3. Why don't you think about it at home.


    4. I have to think it all over again!


    5. Throw away your rubbishes or I will throw you out!


    6. You should always try on the clothes before buying them.


    7. Turn the volume down!


    8. Turn off your stereo!


    9. That hot chic really turned me on!


    10. Could you please turn up the volume?


    11. He turned out to be a girl.


    12. The oil reserve will be used up in a few decades.


    13. She has waited for him with a lifetime.


    14. A waiter's job is to wait on the customers.


    15. Could you wake my sister up for dinner?


    16. It does't seem to work out between us, let's break up.


    17. Write down all the details first and rearrange later.


    18. Dreams come true to those who has dreams.


    19. Could you do me a favor, get out of my house!


    20. He dropped a line that he would be married soon.


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