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Nita 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前



p.s 勿用翻譯機直接做翻譯 ,謝謝!!



(2) 預計3/2將會出500PCS



2. 因目前尚欠AMP#12345 18P CONNECTOR的物料,3/13才會到大陸工廠,所以交期要延至3/22

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    你好, 是我自己翻的,不是翻譯機唷

    Due to the problem of customs clearance procedure of our commodities, we need to wait until March 2nd in order to export our goods. We sincerely apologize for causing the inconvenience.

    1) The people in the Chinese mainland factory will finish the day off and start working again from the 1st of March, therefore the remanding 300pcs will be send out by xx/xx

    2) We plan to export 500PCS on 2nd of March

    2007-02-27 11:09:30 補充:


    所以字詞上應該沒有問題 : )

    2007-02-28 00:01:50 補充:

    3) Due to the lack of the plastic material, we will ship out 200 pcs on March 2nd; the other 300 pcs would be postponed until March 5th.

    2007-02-28 00:02:04 補充:

    4) Currently we are lack of AMP#12345 18P connector material which will be sent to the Chinese Mainland factory on March 13th, therefore the shipping day will be delayed to March 22nd.

    參考資料: 我自己
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  • angel
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    1 0 年前


    Currently the shipment has customs clearance proceduce issues, therefore the first batch of 200pcs will be delay and can only ship out on 3/2. The rest of the 300pcs due to lack of plastic material will be deliver on 3/5. We apologise for the inconveniencecaused in this matter


    Due to Lunar New Year our factory in mainland China will only resume work on 3/1 therefore the rest of 300pcs will be deliver on XX/XX(MM/DD)

    2) 預計3/2將會出500PCS

    We have estimated that we will ship out 500pcs on 3/2

    2. 因目前尚欠AMP#12345 18P CONNECTOR的物料,3/13才會到大陸工廠,所以交期要延至3/22

    Currently we are short of AMP#12345 18P Connector materials and these material will only arrived in our mainland China factory on 3/13 therefore the delivery date will be delay till 3/22

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  • Lina
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    1. Because we have customs clearing problem, the shipment of the goods will be delayed to 2nd March. We are very sorry for the problem.

    (1) Because our China factory will reworkuntil 1st March, the remained 300 pieces will bedelivered on ...

    (2) We will ship 500 pieces on 2nd March.

    (3) Sorry, about the 500 pieces we will ship 200 pieces on 2nd March, the other 300 pieces will be delayed to 5th March because the short of plastic material.

    2. Because we are short of the materials of AMP#12345 18P connector, which will arrive in China factory on 13th March, the lead time will be on 22nd March.

    參考資料: ....
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  • 1 0 年前

    1) The shipments will be delayed until 3/2 due to the following problems. Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused you.

    (1) Factories in China will be re-opened for work on 3/1. The remaining 300pcs will be xx/xx(MM/DD)

    (2) Approximation of 500pcs will be produced by 3/2

    參考資料: from Canada
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