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幫幫忙! 我的paragraph.

(My aunt `s world.) 300 words!

1. the things in the living, the ornaments.

2. the things in the kitcken&her energy saving habits.water......

3. things [bottles, cans] recycled in the garden....

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    我寫了太長的一篇雜文, 但它將取得一個好結果...您能採取這作為模板和實踐為你自己。

    2007-03-01 14:59:59 補充:

    A fortnight ago, I had been told to join a short vacation stay over at my aunt's house.This stay over came without a choice as my parents are heading toward Iceland for a business trip. I did not know my aunt pretty well as we meet up her almost once every three to four years.

    2007-03-01 15:00:33 補充:

    I remembered that when she speaks, I can never concentrate and look at her humourously-permed hairstyle. Every moment I thought of that, I cannot stop laughing out loudly. How unwilling I am, I am still pretty excited, this is mainly because it is my first time visiting her house.

    2007-03-01 15:01:55 補充:

    That very morning, i had to drive myself to my aunt's house as my parents had taken an early flight to Iceland. It is a smooth trip with not a lot of cars moving to and fro. In well less than two hours, I had arrived at my destination.

    2007-03-01 15:02:35 補充:

    As I stepped out of my car, I saw a well-built hut using bricks, a small vegetable garden and a loving pond. This place warmed my heart the moment i saw it and it looks ready to receive her visitors. The nature also blends well as a back-drop to the huts.

    2007-03-01 15:02:56 補充:

    The nature also blends well as a back-drop to the huts. You could see birds chirping on trees, cats having their nap on the grasses and leaves rustling to the lovely wind.

    2007-03-01 15:03:10 補充:

    With my luggage, I paced slowly to the door-step and pressed on the doorbell. Next moment, I heard footsteps coming straight to the door. My aunt opened the door and next gave me a teddy bear hug. It was so unexpected of her to do that but it was warm like my parents' love.

    2007-03-01 15:03:29 補充:

    She helped to carry my luggage to my bedroom as I sat down quietly beside a round dining table. The living room simply gave off a home-sweet-home feeling with her wooden furnitures.

    2007-03-01 15:03:47 補充:

    She still uses those round-light bulbs to bright lit the whole living room making the place ancient at the same time though. The floor is well-carpeted with arabic designs, walking on it makes me want to roll on the carpet like toddlers.

    2007-03-01 15:04:08 補充:

    Items are well-organised unlike my room with dirty shirts and tidbits pieces scattered all over the floor. On her display shelves, i saw a photo of her and her daughter.Her daughter currently resides at California with her husband leaving my aunt living on her own.

    2007-03-01 15:04:21 補充:

    Beside her photo frame, an ornament is on display. It shaped like a rambutan but did not investigate as it symbolise nothing of big importance to me. It is only plain curiosity that lured me to it's attention.

    2007-03-01 15:04:38 補充:

    After thirty minutes, my aunt travelled down the flight of stairs. She was asking me whether I would like a drink with a cookie accompanied with it. I accepted her kind offer and offered my help to prepare the plates and teacups at the kitchen.

    2007-03-01 15:04:50 補充:

    She appreciated it and I followed her as i did not know the route to the kitchen. She opened a sliding door and to my amaze, the kitchen is pretty well-lit and shining. Basic equipments are built into the kitchen with a stove and refrigerator.

    2007-03-01 15:05:02 補充:

    Kettle, utensils, cooking equipments and ingredients are well-placed into the fridge and shelves. The aunt is really an orderly person which i much least expected.

    2007-03-01 15:09:18 補充:

    When i was washing the plates and teacups, i turned on the water to it's biggest volume. Next came my aunt scolding me on water wasting. She said that water is precious to human survival and we should do our part.

    2007-03-01 15:09:51 補充:

    These words enlightened my pure ignorant and I vowed not to waste water in my near future.At one glance, i also saw solar panels out at my aunt garden. I did not know this house is entirely powered by solar energy which is so marvellous for man.

    2007-03-01 15:09:57 補充:

    It is better than taking energy from burning of coal. That way generating electricity is definitely much friendlier to our already damaged mother earth.

    2007-03-01 15:10:12 補充:

    Without further time wasting, we brewed a jar of coffee and baked a few pieces of cookies for our afternoon snack. We sat down and have our afternoon tea along with a nice chat. It was a heart to heart chat to clear up some doubts about her hairstyle and childhood.

    2007-03-01 15:10:51 補充:

    Along the way, I knew a lot more about my parents too. After that i helped to clear the table and planning to throw them into the rubbish chute located out at the garden. There are all together 2 rubbish chutes, one is for recycable and one is for non-recycable.

    2007-03-01 15:11:06 補充:

    I slowly classified them to help lighten the work load for the recycle collectors. As my mind collected slowly about the house. It shows how nature conscious my aunt is and I am quite appreciative of what she had done his part.

    2007-03-01 15:11:17 補充:

    Beautiful time has to pass and soon I went home still thinking of another shortstay during my next vacation. “What a nice aunt I have”, I thought to myself.

    2007-03-01 15:11:57 補充:

    寫了45minutes, 我希望您喜歡:)

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