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    My mother always pay all mental exertions, and don't beg any repay for us not tired of.


    My mother deals with affairs the attitude aspect and my philosophy of life to have major influence at me, from her body, my appreciating to the success needs to pay a lot of mental exertions to are also earnest, not a Cu can machine of.


    The parents not only satisfy my need on the material but also make me have a sound development on the mind level.

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    1. My mother has always given herself to us tirelessly without demanding anything in return.

    2.My mother has greatly influenced meon my social skills and attitude as well as my view towards life. From her own example, I realized that success does not happen by random chances but requires a lot of mental and physical efforts, in other word, diligence.

    3. My parents not only satisfied my material needs, but also made sure that I have a healthy development on the morale level.

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    有字連在一起了~ 我補充一下:

    2. influenced me on my

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    1.My mother always tirelessly pays all mental efforts for us, and does

    not strive for any repayment.

    2.My mother handles matters the manner aspect in me as well as my

    outlook on life has the significant influence, from her body, I

    comprehends the success is needs to pay very many mental efforts also

    is assiduous, but is not as soon as kicks may machine.

    3.The parents not only satisfy on my matter the demand and enable me to

    have the perfect development in the mind stratification plane.

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