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well done,worse done?

well done可用在稱讚別人做的很棒!也可等於good job吧!

那相反的,做的不盡如意時 可用 worse done嗎?

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  • 1 0 年前

    英文沒有人在用Worst done喔

    應該都是用Done badly, 或是 worst job

    就像是人家會講good job, 但是人家不會用well job


    做不好是: Badly done, worst job

    做的好是:Well done, good job

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  • "well done" is a combined phrase of adverb and adjective, for describing a certain ideal situation.

    however, customarily i believe no one ever heard a phrase called "worse done", even though the combination is in similarity.

    so i can only assume that the existence of "worse done" is not really existed due to the lingual custom.

    we all have a custom of prefering to see good, fine, and well things gets done, it bases on all our nature, being benefitted for satisfying our lives and survival.

    therefore we would not accept or tolerate anything which might disfavor us. imaging if there is something harmful about to be done, would you be happy to expect the outcome if you have known that would disfavor you?

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  • 1 0 年前

    well done的well是副詞, worse也是副詞, 但是有聽過well done, 沒聽過worse done

    我覺得這可能是習慣用語吧!就像大家說: "你是什麼東西!" 並沒有人說"你是什麼南北!" ,

    大家用well done, 但是就是沒有worse done

    參考資料: 自己
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