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建築師艾菲爾 (Gustave Eiffel) 在起建它時,不只是文化藝術界有反對聲音,覺得不具美感,連當地居民也是群起抗議,要求停工。即使到了鐵塔完成,仍不被法國人所接納,法國審美學家甚至批評非常難看。


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    When the architect Gustave Eiffel was constructing it, not only the culturists and the artists were opposing and claiming that it is not esthetic, also the local residents were disappointed, and asking the construction to be suspended.

    Even until the Towere was completed, it was still not accepted for the French. The French aesthetes crticized that the Towere was really awkward.

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    建築師艾菲爾 (Gustave Eiffel) 在起建它時,不只是文化藝術界有反對聲音,覺得不具美感,連當地居民也是群起抗議,要求停工。Whenarchitect Gustave Eiffelis in the process ofconstruction, not only the cultural artistic circles objected this design, theyfeel that it doesn't look good but alsothe local residents are protesting requesting to stop work.


    Evenafter the completion of Eiffel Towerit wasnot accepted by the French.Frenchesthetic scientist actually crticized that the Towere look ugly.