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    Shei-Pa National Park is well known for its rugged geography and the nature is tremendous, the park area includes all important Mounts of Shei-shan mountain range. In addition this area is also the source of the northern main river in Taiwan, the high mountain geography is incised by the rivulet erosion, becoming a special view. At the weather aspect, the Shei-Pa National Park has crossed over second Frigid Zone, the Cold Temperate Zone and the Warm Temperate Zone, so the plants are rather complicated, the viriegation of the plants bring abundant of wildlife resources, have representative's as the national treasure fish Taiwanese speicised salmon, the rest of them, such as Taiwanese black bear, Di Zhi, the Taiwanese mountain Jiao fish, , all are especially speicises in Taiwan.

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    The snow tyrant country park is well-known by its rugged terrain and the natural wilderness scenery, garden area including snowy mountain sierra all important mountains. In addition the home court also is the Taiwan mid-north main river place of origin, the mountain terrain brook corrosion cutting, has formed the special landscape. In the climate aspect, the snow tyrant country park surmounted the subfrigid zone, the cold temperate zone and the warm temperate zone, therefore the vegetation is quite complex, the diverse plant aquatic plants has nurtured the rich wild animal resources, most has the representation to kiss for the national treasure fish - oriental cherry hook 鮭, other like Taiwan black bear, the imperial pheasant, the Taiwan salamander, all are the quite rare Taiwan unique animals.