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英文 看有何出錯

my name is Yang-Suz yi,you also can call me grace.i'm studying in wenzao ursuline college of languages-english department.i used to majore in english in senior high.I already past GEPT-junior and Certificate in Computer.i had about one year tutor experience,english and math mainly.above all,i have teaching cordiality and major in english,hoping to put what i have learned into practice.i expect have a part time job,in the sitution of not influence of studying.


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    My name is Yang-Suz yi and you also can call me Grace.

    I am studying in English department in Wenzao Ursuline College.

    I used to major in English in senior high school.

    I have already passed GEPT-junior test and have a certificate in Computer skill.

    I had about one year's working experience as a tutor in Eenglish and Math.

    I have a cordial passion in teaching and hope to put what I have learned into practice.

    I expect I could get a part-time job not to have an influence on studying.

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    My name is Yan-Suz yi. You can also call me Greace. I am studying English at Wenzao Ursuline College.

    i used to majore in english in senior high...這句要表達的意思是-.-....

    I have already pst GEPT-junior and Certificate in the computer text. I have one year tutor experience in English and Math. I have cordiality in teachin and studying English because I hope to put what I learn into daily prctices.

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