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semantic relations


semantic relations

有包括 theta-role or thematic role 嗎?


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    I. Semantic relation的定義 “a relation between meanings”

    (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/semantic relation)


    1) synonym (同義)

    A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language.

    2) antonym (反義)

    A word having a meaning opposite to that of another word

    3) holonymy (從屬關係) 針對局部和全體

    the semantic relation that holds between a whole and its parts

    4) hyponymy (階層關係)

    the semantic relation of being subordinate or belonging to a lower rank or class

    Semantic relations的研究領域可參考 Semantics(語意學)


    II. theta-role和thematic roles則是涵括在句法學的派別Government & Binding Theory(GB Theory)裡面的Theta Theory,處理句子當中argument在句法結構當中與predicate (e.g., verb) 兩者之間相對的關係,重點在標明其所扮演的語意角色。常見的theta-role,如下: (請參考http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theta_roles)

    1) Agent: deliberately performs the action (e.g. Bill ate his soup quietly)

    Experiencer: receives sensory or emotional input (e.g. The smell of lilies filled Jennifer's nostrils).

    2) Theme: is the recipient of an action but does not change its state (e.g. Bill gave Mary a present).

    3) Patient: undergoes the action and has its state changed (e.g. The falling rocks crushed the car)

    4) Instrument: used to carry out the action (e.g. Jamie cut the ribbon with a pair of scissors).

    5) Cause: mindlessly performs the action (e.g. An avalanche destroyed the ancient temple).

    6) Location: where the action occurs (e.g. Johnny and Linda played carelessly in the park).

    7) Goal: what the action is directed towards (e.g. The caravan continued on toward the distant oasis).

    8) Source: where the action originated (e.g. The rocket was launched from Central Command).


    在GB Thoery裡面談到semantic relations 一般來說,就是指你講的thematic roles。但是如果是在語意學裡面說到semantic relations,指的就是意義之間的關係。

    參考資料: google