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一封寫給國外教授的信 請幫我翻譯成英文 二十點奉上












I have not had time to ...




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     Hello, maybe you can take my paragraph into your consideration.

    To whom it may concerned,

    I am a prospective student who comes from Taiwan. My name is ###. I was graduated from ### University, which is ranked ### in Taiwan. I had studied in ### in ### University; therefore, I had already owned the Master degree currently. As knowing your esteemed university is well known not only in the Europe but all over the world because of your great reputation among nations. I am eager to be the PhD student in the Department of ###. Please kindly reply to my impolite request with your comment if I am able to enter your famous school.


     Even though I know the deadline for making an application is March 16, 2007, is it possible to have an extra period for me? The reason that I make this request is because my grandfather just passed away in late February. Being one of the members in my family, I needed to andeled most of matters about the funeral so that I need some more time to complete the research proposal before the deadline. I truly understand such request would be unjustifiable, but please take into considerration.


    Please find my application information attached, it includes my transcript, statement of purpose, curriculum viate, and the title and summary of my Master's thesis. Owing to my grandfather passed away unexpectedly, I can't finish my research proposal and prepare all documents related to application before the deadline. However, I am sincerely to receive a miracle of your positive reply regarding my unreasonable request.






    ### means your name or name of school

    good luck !!

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    To whom it may concern:

    My name is 某某某, and I was graduated from 某某 institute of 某某 department in 某某 university in Taiwan. I have the Master degree. As knowing your esteemed university to be well known internationally by ranking on the top of famous schools in Europe, and the world, I am eager to apply the permittion of P.H.D. program in your esteemed shool. Please kindly reply me with your comments if I am able to enter your esteemd school.

    About the application expiry date of March 16, is it possible to have an extra period for me? It is because my grandfather was just passed away on Feb., and I need to handle most of matters about the funeral. Please accept my apology of such request, but I hope not to give up the opportunity to enter the P.H.D. program of your esteemed department.

    Please find my application information attached. Because of my grandfather's death, I have not had time to finish the research plan/study plan before the date, it is not included in the attachment. However, I sincerely hope to receive the miracle of your positive reply regarding my hopeless requirement.

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    I am a student who comes from Taiwan, my name is so-and-so and certain.I graduate from a so-and-so institute of so-and-so college of the so-and-so university of Taiwans, I have already owned the master degree and diploma currently.The vegetable smells so-and-so university possess great reputation among nations, it is in Europe or the whole worldses to are all schools that ranks peak no matter.Just the expensive school is such famous, so my extremely hoping earnestly can enter an expensive department to attend the Doctor class a curriculum, hope you can give me some opinions or instruction, and tell whether me can apply for an expensive department to attend or not.

    Would like to ask very presumptuously here you, whether expiration date concerning application can prolong a little bit or not, I know the application expiration date of the expensive department is March 16th in this year.Because the grandpa just led a life time in February, was a house in of a member have to handle funeral service to wait for a related affair, I know such request has a little perhaps unappropriate, but oneself hope into an expensive department to attend the Doctor class a curriculum very much.Past put forward the request of this absurdity here, hope to get your understanding.

    In addition, I enclose with one of my data etc. enclosure with this letter, but have no research project in the enclosure, this is because of running into a grandpa to lead a life time at the right moment, really is can't complete ago in the expiration date, hope you can take my this rude letter into consideration.

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