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Can anyone help me with this?

In English slang, a C-note stands for $100. Other slang references to money are fin ($5), sawbuck($10), and grand ($1,000). Can anyone tell me the orignins of these terms for US dollars?

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    1. C-note

    C-note, from the Roman numeral C for 100, although this usage is far less common today than it was in the early 20th century.

    2. fin

    Not sure, maybe comes from the sound of FIVE.

    3. sawbuck

    The term derives from the fact that older versions of the bill included the roman numeral for ten; which resembles one of the ends of the wood supporting device described above. This name was most common in the days of large-sized notes. In poker terminology, [sawski]; refers to a sawbuck.

    4. grand

    I do not know.

    Sorry! I am unable to answer all of your questions, I hope someone can help you about that.

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    I only think of one

    tenner $10

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